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Product Description

The Pixelblitz Edition is identical to the Gold but lacks offset capabilities. Like the Gold, the program includes Order Entry with Job Tickets, Order Tracking, Invoicing, MyWay Pricing, and a link to QuickBooks. Pixelblitz comes with something the Gold Edition can't match: A $100 price reduction!

Order Entry and Job Tickets. The Order Entry window looks and acts just like the window you're familiar with when making quotes - there's no learning curve. Converting quotes to orders is as easy as highlighting the quote in a selection window, then choosing the quantity ordered. Need to repeat a previous order? Same window, different heading, nearly the same process.

Job Tracking. All orders are tracked as soon as you enter them. Tracking stops once the job has been invoiced. You don't need to initiate or end the process, Morning Flight does it for you.

Invoicing. With Pixelblitz, invoicing has become an amazingly simple task: Drop completed orders into a shopping cart, then watch the Invoice Manager deliver a formal invoice, ready to be mailed to your customer or exported into QuickBooks.

My Way Pricing. Pixelblitz lets you switch between 'Safe for Cousin Mel' estimating and a less safe but more flexible alternative: The option of full manual control. Instead of starting the estimating process by selecting a product, you select the press, then manually enter job-specific values for imposition and RIP, makeready and press speed.

Link to QuickBooks. For importing your customers into Morning Flight, and exporting invoices into QuickBooks. Exporting invoices requires the Transaction Pro 5 Importer from Baystate Consulting.

A free user manual in .pdf format can be downloaded at the Printfire.com web site.

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