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FAQ's / Upgrades / Terms

What are the System Requirements?

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
128 MB RAM / 60 MB Disk Space

Current Morning Flight programs will run on Macs equipped with the Intel chip and either Boot Camp or Parallels. We're not planning to offer native versions for Motorola Macs.

How long can I use the program?

For as long as you like. All Morning Flight programs are sold with a perpetual use license. They don't shut themselves down because you didn't renew your maintenance contract.

On how many computers can I install it?

On as many as you like within the same corporate entity, in up to two business locations. Using the program at home doesn't count.

Do I need a Serial Number or Product Key to run it?

No numbers or keys of any kind. Morning Flight programs are not copy protected, and we're not asking that they be registered.

How much are Subscription and Maintenance Fees?

No Fees. We don't nickel and dime our customers.

How do I upgrade?

When you outgrow one Morning Flight edition you can always step up to a more feature-rich edition for just the difference in price. It doesn't matter how old the edition is you're upgrading from. Version updates within the same edition are free for two years from the date of the original download.

That's unique in the industry, along with no maintenance fees and free tech support. But here is something you need to know: Because we can't technically sell upgrades per se, you won't find them at the Morning Flight Shop. Instead, we offer downloads of complete programs at discounted prices. When you're ready to upgrade, please call or email us or use the contact form below to let us know. We'll look up what you ordered before and email you a discount coupon for the amount of your original purchase.

Say you bought Morning Flight Express years ago for $215.00 and you now want to add the job ticket and invoicing functionality of the Gold Edition. Contact us before visiting the store, redeem the coupon before checking out, and the shopping cart will reduce the price of the Gold from $595.00 to $380.00. What if you forget to submit the coupon and get charged full price? No harm done. Call or email us and we'll make it right.

Do you issue Refunds?

Yes, if the program hasn't been downloaded yet. No, if it has. All our programs are sold with a perpetual use license. Once installed, they lack any connection to the mothership. No cookies, no software keys, no remote off-switch of any kind. If we issued refunds for downloaded programs, nothing would prevent someone from buying and installing a paid version, ask for credit, then use the installed program forever. That's why we urge every potential Morning Flight buyer to please download one of our free demos and give it a thorough workout before ordering and downloading a paid version.

What if I need Tech Support?

Support for all paid editions is by email, free of charge. In the United States and Canada you can also call us at 1-585-629-2399. We'll call back.

For general help we invite you to browse our Forum Archives where you'll find answers to questions someone else may already have asked. Hundreds of pages of FAQs, Tips and Techniques, on line for easy searching. And don't forget our online Help System. It's based on the user manual for the Gold Edition, but answers on the web are by nature more up to date.


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